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Billion Trees and Beyond launches Plantation Pledge Drive with 16,310 plantations pledge at Basavanagudi OTG Meet on 28 Oct 2018

Thanks to the Basavanagudi OTG Meet on 28th Oct 2018, the Billion Trees and Beyond Pledge Drive launch was a huge success with 23 people pledging for 16,310 trees plantation, out of which 2,763 plants are already planted by these individuals. The   official launch of “Billion Trees and Beyond”   the global tree plantation pledge drive was conducted by symbolic lighting of the lamps, matching the spirits of Deepawali festival in the corner. The lamps were lit by the chief guests, Smt. Smitha Kamath, Dr. Rjendra Hegde and Smt. Subhadra Nandalal, and also the representative Basavanagudi OTG members, Smt. Anu Chhabra, Smt. Vaijayanthi K M, Smt. Amba Srikanth Smt. Rama Rajagopal, and Smt. Meena Krishnamurthy. Lighting of the lamp not only symbolized the light over darkness, good over evil, light, but also abundance of green  through global trees plantation overcoming the barrenness and poverty. Smt. Smitha Kamath, the creator of Devara Kadu in Channapatna spoke about the

Smitha Kamath's Kaadu initiative endorses and blesses Billion Trees and Beyond - 235 Trees - (Episode # 272 - 516)

Smt. Smitha Kamath is a successful management consultant who has been transformed into a Spiritual Ecologist. What it means by a spiritual ecologist becomes clear to you, when you go through the complete presentation of her initiative called Kaadu, which is to revive ancient wisdom for abundance.When you go through the presentation below, two things could sweep you, one is the profound depth of the concept she has developed and has been working to institutionalize, second is the impressive progress she has made so far with her own innovations and contributions. But, be warned that there is one thing that could simply haunt you, which is the gap between self (the reader) and the reality she is talking about. But, please do not lose heart on this, take what you can take and leave the rest for now. Kaadu, Revive Ancient Wisdom for Abundance Her initiative Kadu is simply a profound example of the hope for the humanity, and it is a matter of blessing for the Billion Trees and Beyo

Ashrama Gardens urban evergreen jungle inspires and endorses Billion Trees and Beyond - 72 Trees (Episode # 200 -# 271)

It is hoped that Billion Trees and Beyond will become an ocean of activism for greener earth eventually. Oceans are formed by the culmination of rivers. Rivers can be traced back to rivulets, one of them serves as the main flow, and when you trace it further, there will be a humble flow from a point, empowered by an eternal spring, in India, people revere such sources as divine and treat them as the sanctum sanctorum. At this time, Billion Trees and Beyond is attempted as a social start up by me, it is hoped that it will eventually grow to take the global theater of actions for greener earth, the pending institutionalization will fuel such possibilities, and hopefully the emerging new leaderships will push the agenda to such heights eventually. But, right now, everything is in a humble infancy stage, and therefore the main flow is distinct, so is the original spring acting as the sacred source of this flow. Ashrama Gardens urban evergreen jungle is the sanctum sanctorum of this

Billion Trees and Beyond - Guidelines for planting and accounting for the trees planted

Photo courtesy from the blog: Ex-NASA Engineer To Plant One Billion Trees A Year With Drones First Draft on : Oct 25, 2018   Last updated on: Oct 25, 2018 As the Billion Trees and Beyond movement is spreading to a larger context, there is a need to institutionalize the efforts, therefore. it is required that we have a set of rules and guidelines to help us aligned and focused on making the key difference we want to make while we face diversity of situations and challenges.  This blog will be maintained with necessary changes from time to time, to refine the guidelines as needed.  Please use this blog as a reference document. Please provide your feedback and suggestions by writing to --------------------------------- 1. Tree Location a.        Trees planted both in the ground and containers are considered. b.       For container based trees, the container needs to be of size at least 50 liters, else ignore the plantation for account

Vijayadashami 2018 Special - Plantations around extended family picnic in a family farm - 33 plantations - Episode 167 through 199

Vishu Karanth is my wife's cousin, he built a farm from the scratch in a village, 10 km away from the Kaveri Sangama. He frequents the farm along with his wife Uma and kids (Shouri and Sharva) as it is a major passion beyond his profession as a network engineer.  He has been working smart and hard towards breaking even on the operating cost of the farm including the monthly salary of the caretaker through various crops across agriculture and horticulture, which is quite an achievement. He proposed an extended family visit to the farm on the day of Vijayadashami. He allowed me to hijack the whole program with plantation drive. The extended family's picnic was dominated by this plantation. We planted 33 Mexican Sunflowers, every one participated, kids ruled, all had lot of fun! Episode: # 167 - 199 : 33 new plantations on Oct 19, 2018  Date of Documentation: Oct 21, 2018 Place:  - Family farm near Kanakapura and Kaveri Sangama, place is called Ganudugodu, next to the vi