Billion Trees and Beyond! - Episode #1

"Billion Trees and Beyond!" is my new misadventure.  It is all about inspiring ordinary people (ordinary because they have termed it so, well, everyone can be extraordinary) to do a simple act, which is to take courage, go out there and plant tree saplings in the corners known to them in their neighborhood or anywhere else in the universe. It is that simple.  It is easy for a person committing to this adventure to ensure at least ten such new trees through his or her life time. But, we will showcase this effort using the Internet (for now this blog), we will document the plantation, its growth and maturity over time, for every tree plantation out there. This I believe will eventually inspire the millions more to come forward from all over the world to repeat and brag, and we will have more than a billion new trees sooner than we have the courage to believe so!

This is a project by an idiot, for the idiots, and through the idiots. By idiot, I mean one can be whoever he or she is. There is no need to take a vow, no need to change the character or life style, no need to judge or benchmark. You can be who you are, whoever you are, but you have a great opportunity now to influence billion new trees and beyond, through a simple step, go out there, plant a new tree sapling, document it in your own blog and /or send it to us too, so that we will track here too! Believe, your bragging too helps along with your simple action!

Let us ensure some details in the documentation though! Here is a sample I consider as the first episode (first from the tracking perspective, you can even document your past efforts, if the tree associated is still alive.)

Billion Trees and Beyond Episode #: 1
Date of documentation: Sept 1, 2018
Place: Vivekanandanaar, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore 560085, India
Type of place: Public, Road junction corner
Persons Responsible: Planted by Nataraja Upadhya; Care by Nataraja Upadhya
Picture of the plant (with or without your selfie):

Plant description: Mexican Sunflower (Mini Bush Tree, can grow upto 20-25 feet)
Location of the plant: (Stand by the plant and use the Send Current location feature of the Whatsapp to create this map)
Billion Trees and Beyond Episode 1 Plant Location (Click to see)
Date planted: June 2018
Remarks:  This is a road corner with an abandoned flag post for Kannada flag. There is total apathy at this spot and some of the neighbors use this as an illegal dump yard for their garbage. Idea is not only to influence a tree here, a tree that can survive the apathy and vandalism and prove that most neglected places too deserve a tree to co-exist.

Please join this movement with your simple yet powerful action of planting trees around by you, send all the details like the one above to us so that we too can join in your bragging about it (only to inspire others to do the same and more). Please write to, and we will publish in this blog with all your details.

Thank you!

Nataraja Upadhya
- Founder, Billion Trees and Beyond
- Founder, Paint Bengaluru Green and More! (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ!)


  1. Awesome initiative, I am inspired.. I usually don't throw seeds of any fruit we eat at home so I have plenty of fruit plants growing in pots and I have planted some in my previous neighbourhood too.. but there are still plenty in n my balconies..
    Would like to do it again..plant them in real earth.

  2. Awesome intiative .Though IAM not in Banglore try to do so in my place

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