Billion Trees and Beyond Episode #: 6

Date of documentation: Sept 4, 2018
Place: Vivekanandanaar, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore 560085, India
Type of place: Public, by the road side
Persons Responsible: Planted by Nataraja Upadhya; Care by the same
Picture of the plant (with or without your selfie):

Plant description: Mexican Sunflower (Mini Bush Tree, can grow upto 20-25 feet)
Location of the plant: (Stand by the plant and use the Send Current location feature of the Whatsapp to create this map)
(Click to see)
Date planted: June 2018
Remarks:  This is the north west corner of our home, by the road side. The plants colony I maintain here against mindless garbage throwing by the neighbours is now upgraded with a Mexican Sunflower plant. This is right under the busy electric pole, but I will maintain it against it as I will need too many plant cuttings now to feed the hungry "Billion Trees and Beyond" project.

Bottom line, our urban jungle Ashrama Gardens (four distinct gardens: Upstairs terrace, inside the compound ground flour, outside the compound around our home, and finally our neighbourhood area with greenery) is now forced to become a factory to produce Mexican Sunflower cuttings for this movement. Six months down, the plant cuttings planted now should serve as the source.  There should be an exponential effect eventually, entire tropical region of the world should have enough and low cost plant sources for greening the parched planet.


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