Plantation Drive on Sept 29, 2018: 10 Trees - Episode 52 through 61 near our home

Right now the focus is to leverage Mexican Sunflower as a tree, and I am bit hard pressed on the supply side. I currently have only our Ashrama Gardens urban evergreen jungle as the factory to turn up the cuttings on regular basis. So, today was the day to prune the jungle a bit.

Basically, I cleared two overhangs like the one above, on the west side of our terrace (this photo taken from the west side road, so it is actually a overhang), losing many beautiful flowers bloomed for the season. Yes, sacrifices are to be made for the greater good. The left over overhang shown above is the next victim for the next drive.

Enough cuttings for 10 plantations today

The top leaves portions removed, and will go in as composting material.

This is the look from the west side of the terrace garden, on the terrace. There is a void here after significant pruning.

I had to prune the canopy near the pole you can see in the picture, so the canopy is quite poor now.  But the Mexican Sunflower will catch up again in the next two months.

The first 8 plantations are in this stretch, where there is a strip of earth left for gardening.

Episode: # 52 - 59 - 8 plantations
Date: Sept 29, 2018
Place: Lower Khadi Layout, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore - 560085
Site Location Map (Please click to see): Lower Khadi Layout, Plumber Raju and his neighbors
Plant: 8 Mexican Sunflower cuttings
Planted by: Nataraja Upadhya
Care by: Plumber Raju household and the household of his neighbors. (The stretch covers three homes)
Remarks and photos:
The strip goes from shaded to semi shaded to sunny to semi shade again. All the eight plants are spread out across these three types of sun light. Will be interesting to see the difference the sunlight makes across the strip after 6 months.

Episode 52:

Episodoe 53:

Episode 54:

Episode 55:

Episode 56:

Episode 57:

Episode 58:

Episode 59:
Other two plantations (Episode 60 and 61) are just one cross road up.

Episode: # 60 - 61 - 2 plantations
Date: Sept 29, 2018
Place: Mid Khadi Layout, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore - 560085
Site Location Map (Please click to see): By the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vishwadatta couple
Plant: 1 Parijatha flower plant (provided by the home ownders), 1 Mexican Sunflower cutting
Planted by: Nataraja Upadhya
Care by: Mr. and Mrs. Vishwadatta
Remarks and photos:

Mrs. Vishwadatta wanted a Parijatha tree in the front corner of her house, she had the plant, I just obliged to plant it. 

This stretch collapsed into the gutter last year due to heavy soil erosion due to rains. This was because all the rain water from the road was joining the gutter at this point with force. So, I helped by maintaining this spot with stones and eventually this year, we have succeeded to stop erosion. So, it made sense to go to next level, by fortifying with a tree or two here. So, the one on the right was planted couple of days back and was not counted as it went in as replacement to one of the episodes vandalized in ITI Layout plantations. One on the right was done today. 

Basically, removed the stones for a feet, placed the plant, laid out thick branches of wood and tender coconut shells around it to avoid any short term erosion due to rain water here. Placed some organic material (thrown coconut leaves, post removing the stick in the middle) and added good soil on the top. Only risk here left now is the vandalism, let us see how it goes.

Bottom line, had a good day of plantations, 10 plantations today is actually my monthly target. At the end of September, with 60 plants planted (excluding 4 additional replacements for the plants vandalized in ITI layout - the blog related is updated on replacement plantations and they are not counted though one can do so, but I hope to stay to close to 100% survival rate through this kind of circus, mainly for my personal satisfaction), I have completed the 6 months target in the very first month. If I plant another 40 through next month, I am done with the first year target towards hitting 1,000 plantations in 10 years.  Makes sense to front load like this because this and hopefully next month too are the rainy days for Bengaluru, best time for planting trees!

I am actually slowed down due to shortage of supply of Mexican Sunflower cuttings, and I now have started begging for them from our gardening communities across the city.  

If you like to engage through this drive, please let me know ( You can plant trees and forward the details, you can provide Mexican Sunflower cuttings, you can volunteer to keep online documentation, you can mobilize mass plantation in public places and be counted through this drive etc. etc. At the minimum, you can make a pledge to plant X trees in Y number of years ahead in your life span and the magic begins around you as the law of attraction starts working around your heartful pledge. If not sure about it, try it out!

This is a global plantation drive, not just in Bengaluru, anywhere in the corners of this vast universe!

Thank you very much,


Nataraja Upadhya,

Founder, Billion Trees and Beyond
Founder, Paint Bengaluru Green and More (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ)


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