Plantation Drive Phase 1 at Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha, Banashankari 3rd stage - 27 plantations (Episode 19 through 45)

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I am still aiming the neighborhoods close to my home, especially the institutional opportunities as I get to plant more in one session as such. Currently, I am limited by the supply of saplings, I am getting my plants freely for now through the Mexican Sunflower cuttings from our garden, the supply is limited, and I need to wait a month or so therefore for a drive like this. I hope we will have more saplings with more varieties coming through charity soon.  Already, one of my neighbors has asked me to come and take saplings from their garden.

My priority also is to sign up more volunteers to keep the blog level documentation on so that many can join this movement from around the world and feed the plantation data to us, and we keep documenting them away in a timely fashion for all to see and glee.  I hope that my individual action will inspire many volunteers, especially the Internet savvy youngsters to sign up with me soon to help with various volunteering work. I hope that all co-ordination will happen through the net driven processes smoothly and seamlessly.  I believe that this movement is still in the infancy stage where the founder needs to demo his commitment and faith in this destiny through individual action. Today's drive was a major milestone in this regard, I feel. 

I thank all the authorities of Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha for having the faith in me and my plans for them towards 100 + plantations in the coming months and giving me both permissions and support. I thank the young boys who stayed with me through their interest, enthusiasm and curiosity throughout the drive.

Episode: # 19 - 45
Date: Sept 16, 2018
Place: Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha campus, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore - 560085
Site Location Map (Please click to see): Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bengaluru
Plant: Mexican Sunflower
Planted by: Nataraja Upadhya
Care by: Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha authorities, students and residents

Remarks and photos: (The rest of the story below)

By 12 noon: All the Mexican Sunflower cutting from Ashrama Gardens collected and kept ready in two bags soaked in water. This process took approx. 30 minutes, two of the cuttings required tall stool to cut and collect.

By 2.15 pm, post lunch: Loading to the car complete, ready for one more show, this time, much bigger, hoping for at least 20 plantations this time! Reported to the Vidyapeeta within 5 minutes. The permission from Mr. Keshavachar was taken much earlier before this planning. Mr. Kalkur, the teacher in the campus helped. Many kids gave me company, and din't feel the time between 2.30 pm and 7 pm.

Episode #19: Left side of the entrance, semi-shade area, will see how well this plant will thrive here, if it does well, there will be a pleasant surprise to the visitors within next 6 months

Episode # 20:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 21:Right side fenced green corridor:

 Episode # 22:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 23:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 24:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 25:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 26:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 27:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 28:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 29:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 30:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 31:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 32:Right side fenced green corridor:

Episode # 33 :Right side fenced corridor: Last of it in the right side fenced green corridor

Episode # 34 : Just before turning right towards the living quarters

Episode # 35 : At the entrance towards the cow shed

Episode # 36 : Far right corner at the entrance towards the cow shed

Episode # 37 : By the coconut tree at the right side of the cow shed, much before its entrance

Episode # 38 : Right side corner by the well

Episode # 39 : South side extreme by the living quarters, next to a staircase

Episode # 40 :  East side of the earlier plantation, west of south east side quarters

Episode # 41 :  South of earlier plantation, west of south east side quarters

Episode # 42 : Further east of earlier plantation, close to south side compound wall, west of south east quarters

Episode # 43 : Further south of earlier plantation, this is by the south side compound wall, west of south east quarters.

Episode # 44 : Further west of earlier plantation, again by the south side compound wall

Episode 45: Further north of earlier plantation, close to the stair case, but at the back of it

When we were almost 90% done, Mr. T S Jagannathan, a fellow OTGian at Basavanagudi OTGians group, had turned up to visit the premises, he caught me in action, requested me to pose, the boys too joined.  My tummy says it wont go down so easily even with thousands of plantations by me alone in coming months ahead!

By the time all the 27 plantations were done, it was beyond 7 pm, 4 hours and 30 minutes it took end to end, approx. 6 plantations in an hour, 10 minutes per plantation. There was lot of running around, it also included the breaks for taking permissions, inspections, audit and review for approval,  photography etc.

My personal goal is to hit at least 100 plantations by myself in the next one year, am pleased that today alone, I did plantation worth three months target.

Vidyapeetha premises can easily accommodate 100 plantations, unfortunately I need to wait for a month or so for the new cuttings to become available from our gardens. So, it looks like I will be needing all the cuttings from our garden through the next three months to meet this target in the Vidyapeetha premises alone.

One important learning is that most of the folks here are not so much excited with the visual beauty, some of them were bit disappointed that the Mexican Sunflowers are not suited for the offering to the God, which is the main devotion here (non aromatic flowers not used for the offerings here apparently). Therefore, I anticipate that when all the hundred plantations thrive here within the next 12 months, some folks may feel uneasy with the monotony of these flowers and may go for replacement with the plants/trees giving authentic flowers for offering to God. That sounds ok for me, as this effort in these three months then will serve as a trigger towards them finally having what they want and deserve!

This movement is not just about the grass root level action, but also about a campaign to inspire thousands and then millions towards committing to  individual and institutional action worldwide.

My wishful thinking goes like this: I am committed to 1000 plantations within next 10 years by myself. When my plantations cross 100, people will start taking me and my dream bit more seriously.  Then, within an year (by the second year), we will start coming together as a team globally through the internet and documentation, at least 1000 people will commit for 1000 plantations each, that is 1 million plantations. In the next 8 more years, we need to then multiply the momentum by another 1000 times, then we have a billion mark crossed.  So, it looks like we could easily hit 1 billion mark within the next 15 years. I hope so and pray so.

Counting on your endorsement, involvement, support, documentation  and campaign with us. Thank you in advance!


Nataraja Upadhya,

Founder, Billion Trees and Beyond
Founder, Paint Bengaluru Green and More (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ)


  1. I appreciate your efforts.

    My only observation is the trees that are not native do not have strength to withstand windstorms & heavy rain
    I feel you should go for fruit bearing trees which attract other living species.

    Keep up your efforts. It is also heartening to note that you are involving children

  2. Good and highly appreciable effort and variety of trees are needed which need minimum water during summer any plant that suit Banglore weather .


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