31 fresh plantations at Aditya Layout, Bengaluru - 62 - Episode #128 - 158

Episode: # 128 - 158 : 31 new plantations on Oct 7, 2018 - extending the current green investments further
Date of Documentation: Oct 9, 2018
Place: Aditya Layout, Banashankari 6th Stage, Bengaluru - 62
Site Location Map (Please click to see): Aditya Layout Green Gang
Plant: Mexican SunFlower cuttings, all these cuttings came from the earlier plantations at the same location
Planted by: Roopesh Jain, Sathwik Hosanagara, Nataraja Upadhya
Care by: Aditya Layout Green Gang
Remarks and photos: 

The photos of existing lush Sunflower plantations sent by my nephew Abhishek Rao were quite inviting as some of these plants deserved some pruning and the location deserved more greening.

So, first we pruned two large plants, and finally took out a bent branch from the plant Abhishek had planted before and now having 100s of flowers. Totally, we had enough cuttings for 31 new plantations.

This was not fully planned before, so we had only Roopesh Jain and Sathwik Hosanagara handy to help with the plantation. Abhishek wanted to help but was with fever.  Between three of us, it took four hours of work, and another one hour for planning, breaks, drinks and photography. Thus,  the whole session took a total of 5 hours end to end. We worked with good rhythm, one to dig, one to plant and one to water the plant.  It was quite fun in spite of hot sun we had for the day.

Since the preparations are on for asphalting the roads here, there was a concern as to whether the road laying people will throw away our plantations. I said, let us take the risk, as we all know that in the worst case scenario, i.e. if they are removed, we will plant again one month down the road. Let us see what happens!

This is one of the plants which gave the cuttings. Forgot to take the photo post pruning. Basically, all the branches spreading to the side are removed. Total loss of vegetation could be max 40% in a plant. The plant still looked majestic post pruning.

We dint have the heart to ruthlessly prune this plant as it had hundreds of flowers, so as a compromise, only the lowest bent branch was cut out.

The following are the photo documentation of individual plantation.

Thank you all the Aditya Layout Green Gang for the work done so far and the opportunity given to extend it further. Special thanks to Roopesh and Sathvik for all the help and the company given. Thanks to Hebbar couple for the drink and sweets. Thanks to Abhishek and Apoorva for the drinks, snacks and the lunch treat at the end!

Look forward to have a similar session like this once a month with you folks!


Nataraja Upadhya,

Founder, Billion Trees and Beyond
Founder, Paint Bengaluru Green and More (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ)


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