Billion Trees and Beyond launches Plantation Pledge Drive with 16,310 plantations pledge at Basavanagudi OTG Meet on 28 Oct 2018

Thanks to the Basavanagudi OTG Meet on 28th Oct 2018, the Billion Trees and Beyond Pledge Drive launch was a huge success with 23 people pledging for 16,310 trees plantation, out of which 2,763 plants are already planted by these individuals.

The  official launch of “Billion Trees and Beyond”  the global tree plantation pledge drive was conducted by symbolic lighting of the lamps, matching the spirits of Deepawali festival in the corner. The lamps were lit by the chief guests, Smt. Smitha Kamath, Dr. Rjendra Hegde and Smt. Subhadra Nandalal, and also the representative Basavanagudi OTG members, Smt. Anu Chhabra, Smt. Vaijayanthi K M, Smt. Amba Srikanth Smt. Rama Rajagopal, and Smt. Meena Krishnamurthy.

Lighting of the lamp not only symbolized the light over darkness, good over evil, light, but also abundance of green  through global trees plantation overcoming the barrenness and poverty.

Smt. Smitha Kamath, the creator of Devara Kadu in Channapatna spoke about the significance of growing trees and how going back to nature will enhance abundance in our lives.

Dr. Rajendra Hegde – convener, OFYT (also representing Dr. Vishwanath Sir) spoke about the benefits of growing trees, by growing trees due to percolation of water over a period of time the ground water will increase and catastrophes like Kerala and Coorg will not happen as the root of the trees do not allow run off of soil.

OFYT Website

Smt. Subhadra, senior OTGian who has been planting trees as a regular volunteer of Adamya Chetana explained the activities of Adamya Chetana including Sasyagraha, planting trees. She also highlighted the fact that Adamya Chetana plantation drive is driven by the irony that while Bengaluru needs to have seven trees per person, it has only one tree per seven persons, thus there is a need to increase the presence of trees by 50 times in the city.
As part of the inauguration, some of the large pledges were unveiled in a ceremonial fashion. A total of 23 persons came forward and pledged for a total of 16,310 trees to be planted by them during the next 3-10 years. The trees pledged also included a total of 2,763 trees already planted by these individuals till date.

All the pledges were documented as a pledge certificate, duly signed by the person pledging. The pledge was documented for central tracking before the certificate was handed over to the person pledging.

Going by the enthusiasm of people in pledging for tree plantation, and also by the number of trees already planted by these folks without having to go through the pledge, one can now confirm that Basavanagudi OTG Meet was an excellent forum to launch this global drive. Thank you Basavanagudi OTGians for your superb support and blessing. 

It is now hoped that various green communities in the city and beyond including two dozen of OTG groups in the city will embrace this pledge drive and help in growing this movement and inspiring the millions worldwide for a small action by an individual but a huge leap of faith for the entire humanity in making.

Anticipate a separate blog to empower ongoing self help online pledging, certificate download and the central global pledge tracking.

We believe that the pledge acts as an event of positive affirmation for self, thereby aligning the right energies for the eventual results through the law of attraction.  Those who are pledging, please forward the necessary documentation for recording the plantations already preformed through our central tracking. 

Please use the following guidelines for reporting the plantations worldwide.

Billion Trees and Beyond - Guidelines for planting and accounting for the trees planted

Let us join hands to script a greener future, for the entire humanity!

Thank You,

Nataraja Upadhya

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