Endorsement from the Aditya Layout Green Gang (Bangalore 62) - Accounting for at least 50 trees planted by them so far!

My nephew Abhishek Rao and his wife Apoorva live with their new baby in this lovely apartment complex and many things are tied together towards this destiny with Aditya Layout Green Gang.

First of all, it was me who connected this couple to the builder, Mr. Prakash Hegde, of the fame Ittige, Maralu..blogs, photography, and the lovely smaller apartment residence complexes he builds on a custom basis etc. etc. This residential complex and the neighborhood residences have a dozen of green enthusiasts, whom I lovingly refer as the Aditya Layout Green Gang. I got to meet most of the gang yesterday and hope to catch up with the rest in the future visits to their locality.

The Mexican Sunflower with spectacular flowering you see is a humble cutting I gave to Abhishek months back. His family now enjoys the top view of this show from their rooms upstairs. As you can see, the residents have planted many other trees too inside this complex. The Rathnagandhi next to the Mexican Sunflower is no less in the elegance it displays.

But the interesting story is that the residents here have developed gardens around their home, or on top of their apartment complex, further they have planted many a tree sapling around their homes, be the road side, empty sites etc. The community plantation has brought all these interesting people together, and the shining green around them has permanently left them with smiles and happiness. They are very proud to be here, and are likely to extend this happiness to much bigger radius around their homes.

The Aditya Layout Green Gang includes the families of Sri. Prashanth Bhat, Sri. Prashanth Rotti, his mother Smt. Mahadevi, Sri. Rakesh Jain, Sri. Roopesh Jain, Smt. Chandramathi B Hegde and Sri. Balachandra S Hegde, Sri. H D Hebbar and Smt.Veda Hebbar (also known as Veda Athwale of the famous book - Naaneke Obba Hindu), Sri. Sundar Krishna and many others who are either unaccounted for here or likely to join this gang further in near future.

I had a day out with this gang yesterday for further plantation, blog on which will come out separately. I did meet most of this gang in this visit, and look forward to meet the rest soon.

Abhishek believes he does not deserve any credit for greening as he feels he has not been as much active and in the forefront like the rest in his gang. But, it was Abhishek who was instrumental in recognizing the green gang here, further opportunities ahead for all concerned with this collaboration, inviting me to their locality and forging this collaboration for further synergy ahead. Thank him very much for this opportunity. I also thank the Aditya Layout Green Gang for their inspiring work so far and the increased intensity it will take now for further activism in their locality.

This blog is primarily to document their plantations so far, but it is not doing full justice. I went around with my phone to take picture of each plantation, but it was bit overwhelming as there are too many, some in the mid of wilderness of empty sites, some in the privacy of their residential perimeters.  Also, a question arose as to whether I should count the original trees planted during the layout formation, so excluded at least 2 dozens of those lovely trees. Also, there was a confusion as to potential loss of some trees in the empty sites due to constructions ahead. So, came up with a very conservative estimate that this gang is responsible for at least 50 tree plantations in their locality, if this number is too conservative, the balance will serve as a reserve for some of the future plantations we will count but perish, or the loss of some of their plantations in the empty sites due to construction work. But, we can be very proud and confident that this gang can be easily credited for planting 50 surviving trees so far.   

 Episode: # 78 - 127 : 50 various plantations across last few years - includes the trees by the road side, inside residential perimeters and empty sites
Date of Documentation: Oct 7, 2018
Place: Aditya Layout, Banashankari 6th Stage, Bengaluru - 62
Site Location Map (Please click to see): Aditya Layout Green Gang
Plant: Includes Pongemia, Mexican Sunflower, Wild Almond and many other varieties
Planted by: Aditya Layout Green Gang which includes the families of Sri. Prashanth Bhat, Sri. Prashanth Rotti, his mother Smt. Mahadevi, Sri. Rakesh Jain, Sri. Roopesh Jain, Smt. Chandramathi B Hegde and Sri. Balachandra S Hegde, Sri. H D Hebbar and Smt.Veda Hebbar (also known as Veda Athwale of the famous book - Naaneke Obba Hindu), Sri. Sundar Krishna
Care by: Aditya Layout Green Gang
Remarks and photos: Photos of some of the plantations given below


Most of these Mexican Sunflower plantations were influenced by the cuttings this couple Smt. Chandramathi B Hegde and Sri. Balachandra S Hegde got from Chennai. Glad to know that this couple too came up with similar thoughts like me for the leverage of this plant.

There are more varieties too:

 Difficult to see the plantation next to the dominating Mexican Sunflower

Could not do justice to all the plantations inside the residences of all the members of this green gang, some are shown here:

Also, there were far more plantations in the empty sites than these pictures suggest:

Was delighted to meet and work with most of the Green Gang members. Some whom I met, forgot to take pictures. Look forward to catch up sooner with the rest  whom I could not meet through this visit!

Keep it up, the Aditya Layout Green Gang. You have done a wonderful job. You are an inspiration.  Thank you for your faith in this Billion Trees and Beyond drive, and your enthusiasm to be part of it with your precious plantation contributions!

Since many of them are active gardeners (both on the ground and on the terrace), I have proposed that they will start an Organic Terrace Gardening group here soon, with necessary help from me and others concerned. 

Thank you all, once again!


Nataraja Upadhya,

Founder, Billion Trees and Beyond
Founder, Paint Bengaluru Green and More (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ)


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