Gandhi Jayanthi Special - Plantation at Parampara Kalakshetra Campus - 15 Plantations - Episode 62 through 76

It is the new month, the October, and it is the day of Gandhi Jayanthi, the day most folks want to do something good for the day. Not that I had to do the plantations today itself, but with my daughters on holiday, helping on my house chores, I had extra time both to catch up with my pending infrastructure work with cement, and also go for some more plantations in the evening.

As you know, my plantation drives are limited by supply of Mexican Sunflower cuttings. I have decided to push our jungle to produce 50-60 cuttings per month now, but that speed will take another 2-3 months to materialise. In the mean time, I need to be happy with approx. 30 cuttings per month.

Good news is that today's harvest gave enough for 15 plantations, when I went to prune I said to myself, I should be happy if I could get enough for 6 plantations today.  This lovely overhang from our terrace into the west side road became the victim, and gave enough for 8 plantations alone. The rest, I scavenged from the rest of the jungle, any branch bending bit too much was good enough excuse to knock it off. (Too much knock off, 2 problems, the beauty of flowers gone, most importantly the future production of cuttings impacted. So, need to know the balance of how much to cut and how much to hold for further growth.)

All put together, 15 plantations today, great day indeed from the productivity perspective. My being will be on an itch until the next plantation, I may need to wait for another 15 days minimum for the cuttings to become ready for the next round.

It is important that we do the site survey and keep the sites aligned for future plantation. We need space for plantation, we need alignment with site folks etc. etc.  So, I had worked out this agreement with the caretakers of Parampara, a nice Assamese family, looking after the premises, living there.  Glad to know that this premise can take another 30 plantations easily, so looks like most of the October plantations will happen here.

Episode: # 62 - 76 - 15 plantations
Date: Oct 2, 2018
Place: Parampara, Chennammanakere Acchukattu, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore - 560085
Site Location Map (Please click to see): Parampara Kalakshetra, BSK III Stage, Bengaluru 560085
Plant: 15 Mexican Sunflower cuttings
Planted by: Nataraja Upadhya
Care by: Shanthi, Vinod (her son), Sunitha (Vinod's wife), Shiva (lovely family dog) 
Remarks and photos: See the rest of the story below.

Left at 4.30 pm after a cat nap I needed after heavy physical work for the day!

Was at the gates within 10 minutes!

Got into action, started from the left side of the gate facing outside! (Bad photo, as took all the photos after all the work was done, and it was getting dark)

Episode # 62:

All the remaining 14 cuttings were planted at the right side of the gate, just next to the compound wall, but inside the compound, most of them are in semi shade or shade, let us see how the semi shade and shade will impact the splendor ahead!

Episode # 63: (By the gate, right side, if facing outside)

Episode # 64: (Now we move further right, all the way until the last one)

Episode # 65:

Episode # 66
Episode # 67

Episode # 68:

Episode # 69
Episode # 70
Episode # 71

Episode # 72

Episode # 73

Episode # 74

Episode # 75

Episode # 76 (Last one - you can also see the cross fence indicating end of the line, so the whole right strip by the compound is covered by 14 plantations, only one, the first one on the left side of the gate, we need to go around the compound and cover total 2.5 sides of the site, by the compound, today's plantation covered 1.2 sides, so the projection is that this site can take another 30 more cuttings for plantation ahead!)

Lovely care takers, helped me with the watering through the hose pipe, also treated me with tea and pakodas! Thank you very much, new friends!!

Will head there again for phase 2 after 15 days, as I have to now wait for the cuttings to become available!

Now, I am keen to start documentation of  similar plantations elsewhere, please endorse this movement by planting tree saplings, documenting the episodes in the format indicated above, and forwarding the details to along with the photos and the location map details.

Thank you!


Nataraja Upadhya,

Founder, Billion Trees and Beyond
Founder, Paint Bengaluru Green and More (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ)


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