Smitha Kamath's Kaadu initiative endorses and blesses Billion Trees and Beyond - 235 Trees - (Episode # 272 - 516)

Smt. Smitha Kamath is a successful management consultant who has been transformed into a Spiritual Ecologist. What it means by a spiritual ecologist becomes clear to you, when you go through the complete presentation of her initiative called Kaadu, which is to revive ancient wisdom for abundance.When you go through the presentation below, two things could sweep you, one is the profound depth of the concept she has developed and has been working to institutionalize, second is the impressive progress she has made so far with her own innovations and contributions. But, be warned that there is one thing that could simply haunt you, which is the gap between self (the reader) and the reality she is talking about. But, please do not lose heart on this, take what you can take and leave the rest for now.

Kaadu, Revive Ancient Wisdom for Abundance

Her initiative Kadu is simply a profound example of the hope for the humanity, and it is a matter of blessing for the Billion Trees and Beyond to have the endorsement of her initiative to march forward.

Billion Trees and Beyond is the much watered down aspect for the masses on one aspect of three key aspects of nature she is integrating, Water, Energy and Forest. Her continuing work has some hints as to how this movement can take certain specific inspirations to mature towards doing better justice to the whole issue of sustainability that is a priority for humans now and in future.

There are too many things to talk about Kaadu, but I like to focus on the sacred grove or the Devara Kaadu she has developed near Channapatna. It is a live demonstration of the magic of devara kaadu, towards biodiversity, food and medicine, watershed effect and conservation of rare species, both plant and animal kind. I had visited this sacred spot early on, but now it is a full fledged divine forest, and I look forward to catch up with its inspiring presence. Please refer to the presentation above for more details about the Devara Kaadu.

The mundane accounting of the endorsement of Devara Kaadu is as follows:
Episode #: 272 - 516
Total Trees : 235: 60 rare species from Devara Kaadu (See presentation above for details) + 175 other trees  (50 Hebbevu, 30 Bilva, 50 mixed fruits including Ramphal, Laxmanphal, 25 Soapnut, 6 Dhoop, 5 Bela, 5 hog plum, 2 Muttuga, 1 Rudraksha,  1 Camphor)
Devarakaadu location: (Pending), Tittamaranahalli off Chennapatna, Bengaluru district
Plantation and care by: Smt Smitha Kamath
Planted since  approx. last 8 years

No wonder that Smt. Smitha Kamath is one of the chief guests for the opening ceremony of Billion Trees and Beyond - Tree Plantation Pledge drive planned today as part of the Monthly Basavanagudi OTG Meet at Bugle Park, Basavanagudi.  The event details are as follows. Please drop in at 3 pm sharp, not to miss out on meeting our chief guest in an informal setting and a chance to listen to her and ask any questions relevant.

Basavanagudi Monthly Meet Event details on FB, Oct 28 2018 at Bugle Rock Park

(The event details are as follows: What time: 3 pm, where: Bugle Rock park, near DVG statue

Greetings everyone! The triple themes of this month's Basavanagudi OTG meet are “Billion Trees and Beyond”, "Vermicomposting" and "Deepaavali Celebrations".

3 - 3.15 pm – Sharing of seeds and saplings
3.15 - 4 pm – Billion Trees and Beyond – Launch of individual pledge drive for planting trees – Chief guests to grace the occasion: Smt. Smitha Kamath, the creator of Deveara Kadu in Chennapatna, Dr. Rajendra Hegde – convener, OFYT (also representing Dr. Vishwanath Sir), and Smt. Subhadra, senior OTGian who has been planting trees as a regular volunteer of Adamya Chetana. Pledge certificates will be made available for those who like to volunteer for the pledge
4 - 4:30 pm – Session on Vermicomposting by Ms. Meena Krishnamurthy.
4:30-5.30 pm – Deepaavali celebrations and Refreshments at By-2 coffee.

Hope to see you all on 28th October, 2018 (Sunday)!

See you there,
Thank you very much

Nataraja Upadhya



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