The first plantation endorsement for the Billion Trees and Beyond drive is just in - Thank you Soumya Jayanthi of Basavanagudi OTG group!

Sowmya Jayanthi had collected Mexican Sunflower cuttings from me couple of months back. She has now planted two cuttings right in front of her home, by the pavement. This spot is used for parking cars, she says, it has been a struggle to bring up any plant here, she is committed to replant the same if things go wrong again.

It is not important which tree sapling you plant. Have a commitment to look after it until survives and starts growing on its own.

I am sure, many of you are planting trees here and there, within your property too. It will help us to endorse this movement by forwarding the documentation associated, please do so, using the template given below.

Episode: # 77 - 1 plantation
Date: Late Sept, 2018
Place: JP Nagar First Phase, Bengaluru
Site Location Map (Please click to see): First Endorsement Plantation by Soumya Jayanthi
Plant: 1 Mexican Sunflower cutting
Planted by: Soumya Jayanthi
Care by: Soumya Jayanthi 
Remarks and photos: Photo of plantation given above. Risk of vandalism due to parking is quite high.

Thank you Sowmya, especially due to the fact that the first one is always the most difficult, hope more such endorsements will now flow in and drown me in them, I welcome them all!


Nataraja Upadhya,

Founder, Billion Trees and Beyond
Founder, Paint Bengaluru Green and More (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ)


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