Vijayadashami 2018 Special - Plantations around extended family picnic in a family farm - 33 plantations - Episode 167 through 199

Vishu Karanth is my wife's cousin, he built a farm from the scratch in a village, 10 km away from the Kaveri Sangama. He frequents the farm along with his wife Uma and kids (Shouri and Sharva) as it is a major passion beyond his profession as a network engineer.  He has been working smart and hard towards breaking even on the operating cost of the farm including the monthly salary of the caretaker through various crops across agriculture and horticulture, which is quite an achievement.

He proposed an extended family visit to the farm on the day of Vijayadashami. He allowed me to hijack the whole program with plantation drive. The extended family's picnic was dominated by this plantation. We planted 33 Mexican Sunflowers, every one participated, kids ruled, all had lot of fun!

Episode: # 167 - 199 : 33 new plantations on Oct 19, 2018 
Date of Documentation: Oct 21, 2018

Place: - Family farm near Kanakapura and Kaveri Sangama, place is called Ganudugodu, next to the village of Bennegodlu.
Plant: Mexican SunFlower cuttings
Planted by: Extended family including the farm owners Vishu, Uma and Shouri, Shesha Karanth (uncle), his wife Bharathi and daughter Nikhila, sister Ranjini, husband Prashanth, Himani and Shivani, the kids, cousin Pallavi, her husband Vishwas, son Vishruth, and myself Nataraja Upadhya, digging help by the local care taker Mahadeva Nayak
Care by: Farm caretaker and owners
Remarks and photos: 

The 33 plantations were done on a 5 stretches, two of which separate the sub-fileds longitudinally, and one stretch by the fence near the temple. Logic was that when the Mexican Sunflower blooms, it will attract many devotees of the temple near by for plucking the flowers, so we planted 7 plants by the fence, exclusively to supply the flowers to the local devotees.

Stretch 1: Plantation 1-21, Stretch 2 - Plantation 22-26, Stretch 3 - Plantation 27 through  33.

The farm can easily have 300 such plantations, given lengthy fence area. The current plantation will give ample cuttings to spread across entire fence area over the next 2 years.

I hope, the local farmers will be encouraged by the Mexican Sunflower phenomena here and consider it as one of the options for beautifying their fence. There is lot of agricultural utility value too, as the plant is drought resistant, therefore no need to water in the summer, also it gives plenty of input for composting, and is rich in nutrients and therefore helps in increasing the fertility of the soil over a period through its compost.  It is yet to be confirmed as to additional advantages to the agriculture through the visitation of bees, butterflies and birds.

I hope that this plantation drive will now motivate all those city based farm owners to take the Mexican Sunflower revolution to their farm, and help to build this movement bigger by attracting more green enthusiasts from the city joining the regular plantation drives in their farm.

Here are the some of the snaps from the plantation and the picnic associated. Thanks to all the photographers, which included Uma, Vishu, Himani and Shivani, Pallavi, Vishwas, Nikhila and Ranjani.

Group photo I took, all the planters from the family here, thanks to your overwhelming enthusiasm, support and fun generated!

Mr. Mahadeava Nayak, the local care taker, thank you for all the digging, the hardest task

Father and daughter moment

When you are doing hard work, why not give a heroic pose too!

The kids did most of the work, dispensing the cuttings, digging and closing.  Shouri and Vishruth

Every one took turn to dig, clear, plant, fill and press the lose soil.

Kids wanted to do all the work 

Those who had phone,  were busy too with the photography and videography.

Not just working, posing and modeling too 

The Green SuperMan 

Take these cuttings, I will get new ones
 Watch and learn

 Which cuttings will go in now
A medical doctor too finds it fun to dig. 

We are ready for next few plantations already!

Digging is the hardest work, so one needs to wait for it to get over

The plant cuttings bag needed to be dragged across the stretch until it became less of a weight

The farm owner family

How is my green charm?

The eldest is natural in this work.

Picnic coffee and snacks break before and after

No time to sit and relax in this picnic as it will get dark for planting

Where are others? They need to wait for us anyway as we have all the cuttings here!

Uncle - nephew moment

Method to madness - as narrated by the mad fellow

I too am a farmer moment!

Let us watch the fun as work happening in different corners

Let us move on to the next stretch

In the melee, let us make sure that we do not plant the cuttings up side down

Getting started with elder jumping in first

But, let me do the planting here

Getting into the thickness of the farm

This moment deserves a selfie too, so I am also there!

Here are the photos of the plantations:

Episode 167:

Episode 168:

Episode 169:

Episode 170:

Episode 171:

Episode 172:

Episode 173:

 Episode 174:

Episode 175:

Episode 176:

Episode 177:

Episode 178:

Episode 179:

 Episode 180:

Episode 181:

Episode 182:

Episode 183:

Episode 184:

 Episode 185:

Episode 186:

 Episode 187:

 Episode 188:

Episode 189:

Episode 190:

Episode 191:

Episode 192:

Episode 193:

Episode 194:

 Episode 195:

Episode 196:

 Episode 197:

Episode 198:

Episode 199:

This event confirmed many things:
1. The farms are ideal for mass plantations.
2. The mexican sunflower is agriculture friendly
3. Farmwide plantation in groups is lot of fun

Thanks to everyone who made this event very memorable with work and fun!

Nataraja Upadhya


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