A Basavanagudi OTGian neighbour bids green farewell to Mr. Ananth Kumar, a green loving people's true leader! - Episode 517 thru 528

Smt. Pushpa Karanth is an active member of Basavanagudi OTG group, and has been working to turn her concrete jungle into a green heaven within her limits and constraints.  She lives right diagonally opposite to Late Mr. Anath Kumar residence. She and I decided to design a very meaningful homage to the beloved departed leader, who with his beloved wife Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, have done an amazing job through the platform of Adamya Chetana, the green cause of Bengaluru too is one of their major contributions.

Therefore, most befitting good bye to the beloved leader, who also was a neighbour, is to plant trees, in this case these are Mexican Sunflower, within 6 months they will bear hundreds of  beautiful flowers looking skyward, bidding daily farewell to the departed people's leader.

We planted 17 plant cuttings together, one of them on the front of her home, and the rest in a triangular piece of small land behind the building. We accounted only 12 plants for the documentation, giving room for up to 5 plants not making it in the longer run.

Pushpa Karanth has a small piece of land, most of which is covered with concrete. So, she has scrambled to green the whole place as much as possible, including the organic terrace garden upstairs (not shown here).  These plantations will bring further pride to her abode while remaining a homage to Late Mr. Ananth Kumar.  If our plans succeed, we plant more such cuttings here to create a green and orange fence, which if happens over next 12-18 months, will stand as a living example of green fence leveraging Mexican Sunflower.

Episode #: 517 - 528: 12 Trees
Trees Planted: Mexican Sunflower
Planted on 14th Nov 2018, around the residence, right diagonal opposite to the home of Late Mr. Ananth Kumar.
Planted by: Smt. Pushpa Karanth and Nataraja Updhya
Tree Location (Click to see): Pushpa Karanth residence
Care by: Smt. Pushpa Karanth

Photos of Plantation: (At the end of the blog)

On behalf of the Billion Trees and Beyond, I here by call upon all the green friends around the globe to plant thousands of new trees globally, and report the act through this forum as a fitting homage to a people's true leader who loved green and stood behind the beloved wife to institutionalize social work including greening the Bengaluru through the platform of Adamya Chetana!

Your departure is shocking and painful sir, it has created vacuum in many ways, this is our humble attempt to fill the one around the green cause.  We hope to do more of these in your honor in coming days!

Good Bye Sir,

Nataraja Upadhya
Billion Trees and Beyond
Paint Bengaluru Green and More (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ)

This one at the front of the home:

The rest behind the home, will come up as green and orange fence during the next 12 months:


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