Arehole Subbanna Manja of ISRO Layout who has planted 600 trees (only 120 surviving) in the community endorses the Billion Trees and Beyond - Episode # 571 - 690

Mr. Subbanna Manja posing at Devara Kere, his regular spot for walks and to plant / care for the trees

Mr. Subbanna Manja Arehole, retired aeronautical engineer from HAL moved to ISRO Layout approximately 15 years back for his retirement life. He has been preparing tree saplings and planting them in his neighborhood since then.   He has planted more than 600 trees during his stay in this locality, but only 120 of them have survived. This is primarily due to apathy on part of public and local government agencies, vandalism and out right stealing of useful saplings from the public places.  With bit more better coordination with the local bodies, his efforts can pay off much better dividends.
The walking trail at Devara Kere, ideal place for planting trees at both sides

He is committed to continue this activity until his last breath. Now, he is in his seventies, he needs help to spread this activity to be more effective in his locality, especially with the help for transportation and mass plantations. He is committed to keep producing the saplings either in his terrace garden or the jungle he has created at the empty site next to his home.  Any one from the locality, willing to join hands with him can contact him at the following numbers:
 9972955880 (Mobile)
 80-26668874 (Landline)

The right of side of this road is one of the areas he has adopted for planting, his home is on the left side stretch of the same road

Episode #: 571 - 690 : 120 Trees

Trees Planted: Various

Section 1: Devarakere area, ISRO Layout: 25 trees: 7 Karaveera, 9 Jamun, 3 Mango, 1 almond, 1 butterfruit, 1 wild fig, 1 jack fruit, 1 seethaphala, 1 palasha (muttuga) 

Section 2: Roads surrounding home: 60 trees : Karaveera 17, Rathnagandhi 6, Pongemia 4, Mango 4, Flower Trees 6, Lucky 4, wild fig 2, Adusoge 1, Hibiscus 1, Nagasampige 2, drumstick 2, almond 2, neem 1, ornamental palm 1, nandibattalu - 1, Mexican sunflower - 1, jackfruit - 1, tamarind - 1, hog plum - 1, jamun -1, Singapore cherry -1 

Section 3: Empty site next to home: 35 trees: Drumstick 2, Karaveera 2, Pomegrnate 1, Ramaphala 1, Guava 1, Mango 5, Lemon 1, ornamental yellow leaves 1, Hibiscus 8, Bettada tavare - 1, Singapore cherry 1, Bili Hangaara - 4, Flower trees - 5, Lucky - 1, Nandibttalu - 1

Planted during the last 15 years, at Devarakere, roads near home and the empty site next to home, 600+ planted, only 120 surviving.

Planted by: Mr. Subbanna Manja, ISRO Layout

Trees Location (Click to see): Epicenter of Tree Plantations by Mr. Subbanna Mnja

Care by: Mr. Subbanna Manja, ISRO Layout

Sample Photos of Plantation:

Section 1: Devarakere area, ISRO Layout

Section 2: Roads surrounding home

Section 3: Junlge created at the empty site next to home

 I hope the entire community of ISRO Layout will come together and leverage the work started by this gentleman and multiply his efforts for thousands more such trees in the locality.

Best wishes to Mr. Subbanna Manja and his family.


Nataraja Upadhya

Paint Bengaluru Green and More (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ)

Billion Trees and Beyond


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