Dr. Anuradha Deepak Pai from Jayanagar inspires as green angel with the model residential wood on and around her residence (75 trees in total - 68 planted by family - Episode # 721 - # 788)

(Photos by Dr. Anuradha Deepak Pai)

Trees Plantation Summary:  

Total trees:  68 trees accounted for plantation by Anupama and family + 7 trees already existing = 75 trees  + A dozen of plantain and papaya trees unaccounted here.

  37 trees on the ground: 23 trees planted inside the compound + 4 already existing, 7 trees planted outside the compound + 3 already existing
    5 trees planted on the first floor
   33 trees on the second floor

Trees Description:

  On the ground, inside the compound:

      1 Bilwa tree, 1 peepal in a container, 1 parijata, 3 coconut trees, 1 arecanut tree, 1 mango, 
      1 bread fruit, 1 fig, 1 bimbo, 1 pomegranate, 1 avacado, 2 Mexican sunflower, 3 peacock flower trees, 
      1 guava, 1 moringa, 1 chakramuni, 1 kendasampige, 1 gooseberry, 1 bay leaf , 3 curry leaves 

  On the ground, outside the compound:
     3 Mexican Sunflower, 1 Mango, 2 Plumeria, 1 Manoranjitham, 1 Forest badam, 2 Alistonia Schloris
 On the first floor:

     `1 plumeria, 2 orange, 1 mosombi, 1 all spice

  On the second floor

     1 Citriodora, 1 rudrakshi ,2 magnolia, 3 pomegranate,  4 lemon, 1 mulberry, 2 fig ,1 karonda, 
     1   Suriname, 1 custard apple, 1 colgate, 1 barbidos cherry, 1 jambo nerele, 2 gooseberry, 3 gauva, 
     1 kefir lime, 2 mango ,2 water apple ,1 mosombi, 1 manoranjitham, 1 bay leaf

Plantation period : Most of the trees in the last 10 years by Anupama herself. The Bimbli tree was planted by her mother in law.  The coconut and arecanut trees were planted by earlier residents and the three trees outside the compound (forest badam and  Alistonia Schloris) are by the BBMP and are not accounted in our total.

Plantation and care by : Dr. Anuradha Deepak Pai and her gardener
Trees location : Her Residence at 19th Main, Jayanagar T Block, Bengaluru (Exact address and map location skipped for privacy reasons)
Ground garden, one side
Ground garden, another side

Dr. Anuradha Deepak Pai, a dentist by profession, is extremely busy around her work, parenting, elder care at home etc., but she strives hard to transform her residence into a green wood. She focuses on all the spaces available, outside the compound, inside the compound, first floor terrace, second floor terrace etc. With a total of approx. 2400 sq. feet of space for her green disposal, she engages both in organic gardening and horticulture. This article focuses only on the trees portions of her green wood, the breakup of tress above clearly indicates her love for the entire range of trees out there, especially fruits and medicinal ones.

Dr. Anuradha is glad to endorse the Billion Trees and Beyond movement. She is committed to do her bit to spread the green cause in Bengaluru. She regularly shares excess saplings and seeds from her wood. Recently, she has cultivated Mexican Sunflower trees, and now they are ready to give away cuttings for easy propagation in Bengaluru. So, we anticipate she gifting up to 30 Mexican Sunflower cuttings to be given away at our stall in the Oota from Your Thota (OFYT) fair on 13th Jan, 2019 at Ram Mandir Playground, Rajajinagar. Thank you Dr. Anuradha!  Since giving away plant saplings count for half the plantation credit, looks like Dr. Anuradha is well poised to add thousands of trees to her credit in the coming years.

Please review the following photos from her residential wood for more details
Peepal Tree to the left, Bilvapatra to the right


Elephant ear fig 

Bimbli Tree


One of the coconut trees

Guava stretching all the way upto second floor and giving abundant fruits

One of the Curry Leaves trees

Chakramuni is a tree now

Drumstick, Elakki banana

Rathnagandhi or peacock flower tree

Mexican Sunflower

Mexican Sunflower

Mexican Sunflower

Citriodora tree

Rudrakshi tree

Yellow Magnolia


Water apple

First floor view

Second floor view

Second floor view

Harvest sample

Harvest sample

Daughter Saanvi enjoying the wood and the harvest
It is hoped that the Bengaluru residents will follow the example of Dr. Anuradha Deepak Pai in ensuring green tapestry on and around their residence. Thank you Dr. Anuradha for your spirit and endorsement to the Billion Trees and Beyond.


Nataraja Upadhya

Billion Trees and Beyond
Paint Bengaluru Green and More! (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ!)


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