Kiran Pattar, growing exotic fruit forest on his terrace garden endorses our movement with 40 trees (Episode # 691 -730)

Photo Courtesy: Kiran Pattar 

Trees Plantation Summary:

Total trees;Approx. 40 ( 2 years to 11 years old).  Actually he has more than 150 fruit varieties, but since we have a bin size limitation for us to count a plant as a tree, we have accounted only 40 of them as trees for our context.

Tree types: Most of the trees are topical fruits, some are subtropical/ deciduous also. Trees include rollinia, purple caimito, drumstick, thai water apple, green water apple, barbados cherry, surrinam cherry, soursop, abiu, cherimoya, annona montana, annona raticulata/ramphala, gab fruit, pomogranate, white sapote, black sapote, red thai mulberry, pakistan king mulberry, mountain apple, velvet apple, curstard apple, sapota, vnr pink guava, pulasan, curry leaf, rambuttan, jammun/nerale hannu, red guava, regular guava, milkfruit, purple mango, candle fruit, rambai,santol, bignay, jabouticaba, red jabouticaba, yellow jabouticaba, pitangatuba, eugenia sitipitata, eugenia victoriana, cherry of the rio grande, cedar bay cherry, yellow dragon, purple dragon, peach,plum, apricot,apple, persimmon etc

Plantation period : From 2009 to Till now, ongoing

Plantation and care by : Kiran Pattar

Trees location : At home terraces, by Laggere bridge, Bengaluru (Kiran Pattar's exotic fruit forest location)

Contact Info: 

  Phone: +91 9731000872

  Facebook Page : Urban Garden Sutra

  Facebook Profile: Kiran Pattar FB Profile

Kiran Pattar is an avid gardener who has fallen in love with growing exotic fruits from all over the world. He spends good amount of time and money in acquiring them from all corners of the world, toils to adapt them to the Bengaluru terrace conditions, and propagate them further if possible.  This profound hobby of his has now rendered him to be one of the key suppliers of exotic fruit saplings in the Bengaluru market, as he attempts to balance the higher costs of this hobby with this entrepreneurial take off.  

He is also known among the garden circles to provide integrated garden setup solutions and services (Grill stand, pots, potting mix, plant saplings, seeds, trees, automated watering solutions, nutri-mix etc.) . As he needs to be diligent in providing super nutrition to his exotic trees, he could develop an effective custom made nutri-mix, which he now he has started supplying to his customer base looking for similar magic to their trees and OTG plants in general.

Kiran started as an avid organic terrace gardener, but as his passion for exotic fruit trees grew, he started transforming the spaces used for veggies to the exotic trees. Still, he has approx. 50% space dedicated to gardening purposes and has done wonders growing veggies, pulses etc. but this article is not focusing on that part of the success much.  Kiran has only 400-600 sq feet of space, but he brings magic through profound knowledge and skills about trees, plants in general and the superior gardening techniques.

I noticed Kiran's total garden set up at some one else's terrace. What drew my attention was quality of work and the reasonable price associated for such a setup. I personally have been a do it yourself gardener with affinity to zero cost budget for the gardening purposes. But, I depend on domestic help to regularly water our Ashrama Garden forest, the price to pay is over-watering, as a result my forest tends to support only tough trees and plants, this has been a major limitation for me to evolve towards exotic species across veggies, trees and orchids. 

Last year I made huge infrastructure upgrade from bags to drums, the next step was to automate the watering system primarily to ensure right amount of water at right time, but I have become too busy, however Kiran's price offerings has allowed me to now consider him for this setup at my place (provided he becomes free for this soon).  

When I analysed the cost structure of his garden setup, bulk of the cost goes in the costly steel based bottom grill stands which I have avoided so far and hope to avoid for the reasons of weight and cost. I hope Kiran will find a breakthrough to come up with an inexpensive yet sturdy recycling based plastic or a polymer solution soon, in which case I too will jump for such an offering. The cost equations of the drum, soil and watering systems from him are too attractive for anyone to consider him for their terrace garden setup. I have been openly campaigning to use his services for the newbees as I have noticed this garden setup is the huge barrier for newbees who do not want to go for DIY mode and his cost effective solution/ service in this regard is one of the breakthroughs I like to leverage growing trees on  every terrace as a key strategy of our Billion Trees and Beyond initiative in cities like Bengaluru.

Since I have been operating in jungle mode at Ashrama Gardens, I have been leveraging cost effective cow-dung and organic waste fermentation towards ensuring superior nutrition balancing against significant nutrient losses due to  watering. I feel, I will become more refined in nutrition techniques only after ensuring watering automation, until then I am not going to try his magical nutri-mix. Someone else needs to validate the magic and cost effectiveness of this offering from him for now.

When I visited Kiran's setup at home, what became evident for me is that given his passion, commitment and depth of knowledge and craft, he is poised to grow his entrepreneurship around gardening and trees from current hobby level to a huge entreprise earning crores in double digits annually. As part of Billion Trees and Beyond and Paint Bengaluru Green and More initiatives, I am fully aware that the activism and entrepreneurship need go hand in hand for us to achieve our lofty goals of green revolution in Bengaluru, especially on the terraces. I am constantly looking for avenues to balance these two aspects without having to conflict with each other. I believe that green enthusiasts like Kiran Pattar will also go extra miles in this regard and will contribute significantly from both aspects.

Hence it is really a good news to know that Kiran Pattar is investing on hosting a dedicated stall at the upcoming Oota From Your Thota (OFYT) event on 13th Jan 2019, Sunday at Shri Rama Mandir play ground of Rajajinagar. Please look for him at his stall and browse through his sample exotic trees,  nutrimix solution, and the gardening setup service offerings.

Also, please come and visit our stall dedicated for the Tree Plantation pledge and hopefully more. As usual, the overall fair will offer a great outing for the entire family, so come with your family and friends and have fun.

For those of you who can not make it to this event or Kiran's stall at the event, the following photos from his garden (the photos above too are from his garden) might help to kindle your passion and commitment towards gardening and cause for trees on your terrace and around your home.


Nataraja Upadhya

Billion Trees and Beyond
Paint Bengaluru Green! (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ!)


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