Plantation Drive at Sridhara Sri Gudda Ashram, Bengaluru - 50 Mexican Sunflower plantations on Feb 10, 2019 (Episode # 789 - # 838)

Sridhara Srigudda - Navagraha Vana plantations 
Photo Courtesy: From ThinkBangalore Blog

Actually, 75 Mexican Sunflower cuttings were planted. Given the condition of some of the cuttings and the disadvantge of the season for plantation, only 50 of the plantations are counted for now to be successful as a conservative measure.

The freshly cut Mexican Sunflower cuttings were collected from the Ashrama Gardens Urban EverGreen Jungle early in the morning by Dr. Puneeth Kumar B P. Nataraja Upadhya (myself) counted at least 60 cuttings worthy of plantation among the 75 before handing it over. We have decided to discount another 15 cuttings, given the risk of drying out post plantation.

There is an opportunity to plant another 200-250 cuttings in this serene location, the Ashrama Gardens urban evergreen jungle is put on notice to deliver them in batches through near future.

Plantation Summary:

Total Number of Trees : 50 

Tree Details: All Mexican Sunflower cuttings, supplied by the Ashrama Gardens Urban 
EverGreen jungle (Nataraja Upadhya)

Location: Sridhara Sri Gudda, South Bengaluru

Location Website:

Location Map: Sridhara Srigudda Centre for self realization+

Planted by: Gurumatha Amma, Dr. Puneeth Kumar B P, Dr. Deepika DS,  Mr. SHIVAKUMAR S , Mr. DAMODAR SHETTY,  Ms. SONIYA Paulose, Mrs. Bhanu Rao, Mr. Lingappa

Care by: Gurumatha Amma, Dr. Puneeth Kumar B P, Dr. Deepika DS,  Mr. SHIVAKUMAR S , Mr. DAMODAR SHETTY,  Ms. SONIYA Paulose, Mrs. Bhanu Rao, Mr. Lingappa

This collaboration brokered by : Nandini of Bengaluru West OTG group

Photos of Plantation: (Pls. see below)

Looking for more such collaborations between supply, demand and tree loving volunteers!

With Best Regards,

Nataraja Upadhya

Billion Trees and Beyond
Paint Bengaluru Green and More! (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ!)


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