Horamavu OTG Meet on Sept 22, 2019 raises pledges for 15,229 trees

The monthly meet organized by Horamavu Organic Terrace Gardening group on Sept 22, 2019 hosted our pledge drive too, and we could raise new pledges for planting 15,229 trees.

With these pledges included, the total pledges raised reached 1,24,31,148 trees. The details of the pledges so far given in the link below:

The details of the pledges taken during this event are as follows:

Vote of Thanks:

1. Thanks to the leaders of the Horamavu OTG group, especially Swarna Suresh and Vani Girish for the opportunity given. Thanks to Noor Fathima for brokering this opportunity for us.
trustees of the Garden City Farmers, especially Dr. Rajendra Hegade for this generous support. 

2. Thanks to Usha B R, an OTGian from Basavanagudi and Uttarahalli OTG groups for entering all the pledge data from the note book to the excel spread sheet. 

3. Thanks to Nataraja Upadhya  for sponsoring the Pledge certificates for this event.

4. Thanks to the Ashrama Gardens Urban EverGreen Jungle for supplying 40+ Mexican Sunflower cuttings, which were distributed at our pledge point. These cuttings are tough and become trees in difficult conditions without much care. The YouTube channel related to Ashrama Gardens:  Ashrama Gardens YouTube Channel

The photos of pledge takers at this event  are given below.  Also, at the end, some other photos from the occasion are included.

Thank you all!

Nataraja Upadhya

Billion Trees and Beyond!

Paint Bengaluru Green and More! (ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರಿಗೆ ಹಸಿರು ಓಕುಳಿ!)

Samuel Raghavendra & Mary Vani

Archana Raviprasad

Masilamani & Kavitha

Suresh Y

Tabassum Fathima Z Zohara

Gajendra Acharya

Other Event photos:


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